Treatment Philosophy

To produce the best possible result, for each and every patient, in the most caring and professional way.

We achieve this by:-

Carrying out an initial thorough assessment. We use our medical knowledge and dental surgery background, taking into account the patient`s medical history and facial anatomy, to plan future treatments.

Using language that is easy to understand.We encourage patients to ask questions so that explanations may be provided and understood. This is important so that agreement with understanding, can be reached regarding which type of treatment is preferable.

Taking a `conservative` and `gradual` approach.We use this as the basis for treatment plans covering the short, medium and long terms. We believe that this attitude will gently improve the patient`s appearance over time, so that friends and family see them as looking `really well`

Offering appropriate anaesthesia. This minimises any discomfort and means that patients will feel more comfortable with the procedures.

Providing total confidentiality at all times.

Building long-term, caring relationships.